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"Anita is a breath of fresh air. She has been so easy to work with for the past 12 years. A company full of Integrity and Honesty and I appreciate that so much nowadays. I can always count on her to get the job done and my Website has never looked so good. I love it and I would recommend Anita's work to anyone. She's fast, she's fair and she's completely reliable."
-- Tammy Trent, National Recording Artist/Author/Speaker - tammytrent.com

"Anita is one of those rare women that encompasses inner beauty, great business savvy, technologically smarter than anyone I know and one of the fastest, most creative women on the internet. I love how easy she's been to work with, so caring and up to date with what's hip and what looks great. When I need changes or something added, she is as fast as I would want to be. I've recommended her to everyone and will continue to do so. She's truly one of the most trustworthy and reliable people I've met in this crazy industry and there aren't many like her."
-- Lisa Bevill, National Recording Artist - lisabevill.com

"Anita has a very VERY rare talent. There are a lot of web-masters who don't "master" the web . Yet once in a wonderful while you find someone like Anita who is in control of this cyber-challenged world, works with it beautifully, and does her work with clean creative effeciency -- the kind that would put Superwoman to shame. AND she makes the process painless! (for the artist ... those of us who need someone like Anita so we can sleep at night knowing our websites give us credence). Major kudos to her excellence, expertise, and integrity. See for yourselves. This girl is the real deal."
-- Bonnie Keen, National Recording Artist/Speaker/Author - bonniekeen.com

"Complete Faith Web Design is a firm with which I have had the pleasure of doing a significant amount of work. In every situation and project, I have experienced a great combination of personal, casual friendliness and strong professionalism. Complete Faith's approach to each project is fresh, and the consideration of the client's needs and budget is always kept at the forefront. This causes Complete Faith to remain at the top of my list of web design companies with which I wish to be associated."
-- Steve Sensenig with Creative Senses 



Here is the current list of websites that I provide design work for.

National Christian Recording Artists

Tammy Trent - www.tammytrent.com
Michael O'Brien - www.michaelo.com
Bonnie Keen - www.bonniekeen.com
Lisa Bevill - www.lisabevill.com


Crossfire Church - www.crossfire-ministries.org


Stevens Management Group - www.stevensmanagementgroup.net
Whitaker Attoryneys, LLC - www.whitakerattorneys.com
Mannmade Productions - www.mannmadeproductions.com
Old Natchez Energy - www.oldnatchezenergy.com
New Hope Behavioral Health - www.newhopebehavioralhealth.com
Power Sound DFW - www.powersounddfw.com
On Guard Self-Defense - www.onguardsd.com
Unites Special Police and Security - www.unitedspecialpoliceandsecurity.com


Carol Tornquist - www.caroltornquist.com
The Whole Affect - www.thewholeaffect.com
Faith Ecklund - www.faithecklund.com
Holly Armstrong - www.hollyarmstrong.net
Jonathan Doctor - www.jonathandoctor.net
Vivienne Neville - www.vivienneneville.com
Bright Light Ministry - www.brightlightministry.com
Randy Clark Ministries - www.randyclarkministries.org

Here are our current services offered and current prices. Please let us know how we can be of service to you and your team!

Web Design & Updates

Need a website? Or do you have a current website that needs a facelift? Have a great website but simply just need someone to maintain it because you don't have the time? We are here to make your presence great on the web! Current rate is $65/hr to design a website and $45/hr to do updates (non-design) to a current website.

Design Promotional Materials

Need brochures, posters, postcards or anything else to help promote your ministry, business, or event? Let us design these for you.
Current Costs: $149 for postcard (front & back), $299 for poster (1 side), $450 for brochure (up to 6 panels)

Web Hosting

Need web hosting? Our prices are comparative to the bigger web hosting companies that you know of. But the difference is that you get personalized service!
Current Costs: Price ranges from $80-$150/year for hosting, $17.95/year for domain name registration and $70/year for SSL Certificate

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Looking to get your website in front of potential customers searching for your keywords in search engines? We can help! Current rate is $20/hr.

Free Estimate

Please fill out the form on the Contact Page and we will get back to you with an estimate as soon as we can!  We look forward to partnering with you!

Anita & Jim DanekerI graduated from Bowling Green State University in Ohio with a degree in Math Education and pursued the teaching field for a year and a half after graduation, only to realize that my heart was not in teaching...at least not in the classroom setting. I left my teaching job and began my own business in web design. Over the 18+ years that I've been doing this, I have been so blessed to have built up my client list and now have a very respectful list of clientel.

I also am the ministry coordinator for Tammy Trent (International Christian Recording Artist, Author, and Speaker). I handle all details of her ministry and travel with her to each event as her road manager...and have been for 15+ years.  I have seen the world, built great relationships, and truly have lived a dream.  I'm a girl who loves to experience all that God has available to me.

I'm also so grateful to work part-time on my church's tech & communications team.  I LOVE running sound as well as handling the SEO on the church's website.  If you are in the Nashville area and need a church home - Grace Chapel is most definately the place to be!  If not in Nashville, you can watch on-line!

And on January 17, 2015...just 13 days before my 39th birthday...I got married for the first time (AND ONLY TIME) to my prince charming, Jim Daneker.  I'm so excited to see what God has in store for us.  You can learn more about my hubby at his website https://jimdaneker.com.   I also acquired the most amazing step-daughter, Caitlin.  She's an incredible blessing!

You can read more of my story as to why my marriage is powerful, on my blog HERE.

Design Services

Complete Faith Web Design, Inc is an affordable website design company that provides design services including website design and promotional materials such as postcards and brochures.

SEO Services

We also provide SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services.

Contact Us / Proposal

Checkout our portfolio to see our many clients and contact us regarding a free proposal. We would love to bring you on as a client.